My three-week trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE Part 03

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My three-week trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE Part 03

Continue dreaming…

…On the third day, he rose again…

Oh, wait…wrong third day. I thought I was rewriting the bible, well it turns out I’m not that “perfect” enough to be a saint.

But in all seriousness, the third day was a day to remember for me. Although this post won’t be having a lot of words but will feature a lot of pictures. There were only two places that we went to see that day and they were all in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. They took me to Jebel Hafeet Mountain and the Al Ain Zoo. But before going there, we filled up our tummy with something delicious and exciting. We had the Indian Biryani. I had no any idea about the biryani before and it was my father who suggested it to my aunt and uncle to let me try biryani. Of course, I love to discover new things, I tried it. My aunt and I had the spicy chicken biryani and my uncle had the fish biryani. They asked me if I want to have my own or share with my aunt since the serving of foods in UAE is a lot, like literally. One serving can feed 3 people. But have you had that imagination that you can eat it all but you really can’t, well that was me. So I opted for a one serving and by God, I did not finish it. The biryani is a great food, fragrant and spicy, and I love the basmati rice. If given a chance to order again, I’ll just order a half because trust me, you can’t finish one serving.

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

After we had our breakfast, we drove going to Jebel Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain City. The view going there is amazing, although it’s mostly desert, but Im always amazed by their infrastructure especially their bridges and did I mention I love their roads? I think I did like a hundred times from the previous posts. But in all seriousness, you’ll be blown away by how organized and systematized their roads, if only we can apply those in our country, I’m pretty sure Philippines will be top in Asia, but it would take centuries before it will happen, I mean most of us can’t even follow a simple “No Jaywalking”, “No U-Turn”, “No Left Turn” et al. Some even stop at the pedestrian lane which is a violation of the traffic rules and some just carelessly counter-flow and our system couldn’t stop those. If only we can upgrade our traffic system and impose strict issuance of driver’s license, getting a license should be a privilege and not a right that is just given to anyone who wants to get a license which is basically the situation in LTO. Anyone can literally get a license without proper driving lesson. Well, here I go again with my rant, I warned you before that there will be a lot of it. But I’ll cut the crap now.

On the way to Jebel Hafeet Mountain, you will see some Desert Sand Dunes.

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain

The moment you enter the road going to the top of the mountain, you can already see The Jebel Hafeet, just be careful on driving since the road is quite steep and the view is stunning. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain is the only mountainous area in Abu Dhabi Emirates rising 1300 meters above MSL. You can read additional information about the mountain below.

So I won’t bother you with too much words and just enjoy the photos, click on them to enlarge.

Trip to Jebel Hafeet, UAE's highest peak.(play in HD to enjoy the view)

Geplaatst door Ronualdo Tariman Batusin op woensdag 23 november 2016

We enjoyed the view and the scenery, although it’s not yet fully developed as they are expanding the road towards the pinnacle which will be opened to the public soon. After spending some time at the top and enjoying the view, we proceeded to the Al Ain Zoo.

The Al Ain Zoo

The Al Ain Zoo is not that far from the Jebel Hafeet Mountain, you just have to know the way and a GPS so that you won’t get lost like us, again! After setting up the GPS of my uncle’s phone, we drove straight there. Guys, I have a confession, I have never been to a zoo before. So visiting the Al Ain Zoo is a huge deal for me! This was the first time I’ve been to a zoo and I was excited to see different animals especially the Giraffes. Although there were some sections without animals since the zoo is expanding and they are still continuing the development of the zoo. I can’t wait to go there again, hopefully. Anywho, enjoy!

Forgive me if I can’t name all the animals, I was so preoccupied with exploring the park that I forgot to take photos or took notes of the names. But if you get lost and forgot the animals, you can always check the map and it will give you an idea of how massive the park is and the future development, the Al Ain Safari.

Click on the image to enlarge:

The Park is quite big that a half-day is not really enough to enjoy the scenery. Although my aunt and my uncle prefer the zoo in Singapore because they said it’s more natural and the animals are living in a more natural habitat. But this zoo is not that bad though, I enjoyed every moment there although it’s a bit tiring to walk the entire premise and sometimes you just get lost even if there is a map that you can check.

So that’s it for now, I tried to squeeze everything in one post so I hope you had a great time checking on those photos of various animals and the rocky mountain of Jebel Hafeet, even though I can’t name all the animals. Check on next week for the next adventure and I would like to hear from you. Thank you and have a great time reading and have a great day!

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